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Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House was founded in October 1985. It is a large publishing house under the administration of the Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group, specializing in the publishing of literature and art books. From it founding up to now, with a spirit of " Inherit Culture, Dare To Be The First", Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House has been exploring and enterprising, and has become a publishing house that exerts important influence in China. There are currently 79 employees, among whom there are 7 editors, 12 deputy editors, and 25 persons with intermediate professional titles. The publishing house boasts a specialist editing team made up of talents in literature, fine art, music and sports, and a unified and highly efficient management team. A sales and distributing network of flexible operation and rigorous control has been set up, and averagely over 300 kinds of new books are published each year.

The books that can be representative of Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House include Zeng Guofan, Yan'an Art Series, World Classic Literature Series, Collected Works of San Mao, Selected Short Stories of the World, Translation of Verses, Translation of Essays, Corpus of Scores of Beethoven's Symphonies, and Music Scores for Education of Academies of Music in China Series, etc. 50 kinds of books including the recently published Yang Du, An Outline of Chinese Villages, the Sea of Mountains, and Archives of Persian Literature, etc. have won the National Book Award, the " Five No.1 Project" Award, Chinese Book Award and other important awards. The 18 volume Archives of Persian Literature was chosen and autographed upon by the former General Secretary of CPC and President of China, Mr. Jiang Zemin as a state gift to the Iranian president to commemorate the long time friendly exchanges between China and Iran.

Currently, Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House is engaged in the projects of establishing quality book brands such as the " Library of Pictures and Literature by Youth", " Sports Books Published by Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House", and " Classical Books of Literature by Chinese and Foreign Writers, etc., which has attracted extensive attention in the industry. The music books by the Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House further won the favor of people in the music circle as well as the readers through their foresighted publishing thinking, professional publishing quality and personalized after-sale service. And they have become a group of famous brands of the same trade. Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House is one of the largest music books publishing bases, and is called the " Music Port of the South". Textbooks for elementary schools and senior high schools which are included in the new versions of music textbooks published by the Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House, have been developed and all passed the inspection and approval of the specialist panel of the Ministry of Education by one time, and were all evaluated as Class A and A Category Products and Inspection-Exempted Products. These textbooks are currently being used in secondary and elementary schools in 26 provinces and cities all over the country, with a national market share of 35%.

Moreover, the large-scale literary magazine Hurong under the Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House has unified a large quantity of first class domestic and overseas writers, and has become one the most influential literary magazines in China.

Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House sincerely wishes to keep in close contact with domestic and overseas counterparts, and share resources of publication.

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